Anonymous asked:

Have you seen Frozen? If so, what's your favorite and least favorite song?


The sun breaks white on the tabletop

Teensy footprints in the rain

A kingdom of dumb plastic toys

Is anyone else here sane?

Cas’s Minions are runnin’ round wearin’ funny hats

Can’t keep them straight

Chuck knows I’ve tried

Don’t let them out don’t let them loose

You’re unleashin’ chaos in the house!

Conceal the feels about the show

That stupid show….

I’m da moose, I’m da moose

An’ the Pops are on the loose

I’m da moose, I’m da moose

Boy do those guys get up my snoose!

Here I stand while my brother STARES

At that angel again

Propriety don’t bother them anyhow

The Science Bros are working

On one more seekrit plan

An’ here’s our stunt doubles,

Doin’ what they can

Cas’s bros are eveywhere

Testin’ limits of my brain

They never speak so I don’t know

Just mutter Ehehehehe….

I’m da moose!  I’m da moose!

An’ this world’s gonna cook my goose

I’m da moose!  Yeah da mooooooose

An’ my marbles are gettin’ loose

There goes Cas

Wearin’ a HAT of PIE

What does it mean?

I’m not even gonna try

I’m da moose!  Sam da Moose!

An’ this rhyming’s getting smooshed

I’m da moose!  Call me Moose!

My brains will turn to goosh!

Here I stand wearin’ my ANTLER HAT

Let them act weird

I can’t let it bother me anyway…..


Cas: What’s the matter with Sam?

Dean: It bothers him anyway.


Dean: C’mon big guy, time for your nap!